I am convinced that God’s move at this time is a collaborative move. God is calling those in ministry to work together and share the burden of what the Kingdom is being called to do.  When I encounter others with the same vision for collaboration I am encouraged and want to partner with them and that is what this feature is about.  I’ve been encouraged talking to the people at Theology Corner and we look are looking forward to working together in the future.  I hope you will check them out at their new site they just launched and be as encouraged as I am.


Theology Corner is a communal network of theological blogging and podcasts that explores the depths of the Christian tradition and the implications for human flourishing.

The aim of this network is simple. By bringing together voices from across the theological spectrum, we will be able to provide high quality content to an audience that seeks to explore the riches of historic Christianity.


If joining this network is something that may interest you, we would love to get in contact and explore the possibility of bringing you onto our team. Feel free to contact us at any time in order to begin a conversation about how you can contribute to this network.