Myths are wonderful stories that help us explain the world around us.  They are fascinating, captivating, and usually make for great Disney movies.


Except when they are horrible and terrifying and become woven into their Once Upon A Time series.

Some Christians boycott those Disney myths and talk about how horrible it is to teach children such things.  All while being blind to the number of Christian myths swirling around them and woven into the fabric of their doctrine.

Some Christian myths are wonderful stories that help us explain the world around us.

Some are horrible and terrifying and cause us to do terrible things in the name of Jesus.

I know there is a risk using the word myth because some people will assume I’m going after things like Creation or stories in the Old Testament like Jonah.  I’m not. Some will also think I’m trying to dismantle or discount Scripture.  I’m not.

When I speak of Christian myths I’m talking about doctrines that aren’t really supported by Scripture or doctrines that have grown up out of one or two verses and has taken hold of something in the minds and hearts of Christians until it’s shared as though it’s simply factual and it’s not.


If this was a collection of ideas that were harmless and resulted in the occasional bad timing of a pithy myth being offered for encouragement I wouldn’t take the time to break it all down. I’d just discourage the sharing of trite memes that are unhelpful at best.

The problem is bigger than that.

The problem is that myths are growing in popularity in the Evangelical world and they are turning into the dragons.

Or, rather, these are myths that started out bothering me because I saw the subtle twisting of Scripture and knew who the Bible tells us is responsible for that.  Over the years I have watched them grow into full on lies that are destroying our communities and I have no doubt that the Father of Lies is laughing hysterical while we all tear each other apart in the name of what is “Biblical.”

And I’m done watching from the sidelines and offering thoughts only when they cross my path.  Consider me a dragon slayer because I’m calling them out and cutting off their heads and I’m partnering with Jesus to declare the captives of these myths free!

Let’s go.