The Equality Workbook


We are so excited to see that this is finished and available!

For every man and woman who has been damaged by Patriarchy here is a guide to freedom.

Please check out the link if you’ve ever been told that 1 Timothy says women are not allowed to have authority.  Paul said nothing of the kind there or anywhere!

1 Timothy 2:12: Not about “Authority”

Claiming to have made a thorough review of ancient Greek literature, one complementarian study concluded that Paul’s use of the word “authentein” in 1 Timothy 2:12 is properly understood as a prohibition against women “exercising authority” in the church (c.f. G.W. Knight, “Authenteo in reference to Women in 1 Timothy 2:12.” New Testament Studies 30, 1984: 143-157).

What information did this study miss?

The various forms of “authentein” that were used to refer to something much different than “authority” from the 5th century B.C. through to the 2nd century A.D..