As with last week this is another site whose founder felt called to collaborate with others and provide a platform for voices to be heard.  These are important voices because they are calling for the equality and empowerment of women.


Ezer Rising is a group of Christian women and men of different races, backgrounds, and denominations who advocate for the equality of women and men in the church, marriage, relationships, family, and society. We talk about everything from patriarchy and women in ministry to sexual abuse and current events relating to women’s issues. We offer a Biblical perspective of equality for men and women in the church, marriage, relationships, family, & society.

We believe the Bible supports women in positions of authority in the church (over men, women, and children). We believe the Bible supports mutual submission in marriage. We believe men and women are capable of changing the world as co-heirs in Christ, sons and daughters partnering together to advance the Kingdom. We believe men and women are of equal importance, value, and position in the Kingdom of God. We write on everything from equality in marriage to the abuse of women as well as the media and Hollywood’s view and treatment of women.
We blog, make videos, interview voices in our community on related issues, and open conversation on a variety of topics!

Here are a few articles to introduce you to the message of Ezer Rising and we hope you will share them with friends and family who might need access to them.

13 Signs you are Probably in an Abusive Relationship

Focusing on Your Role is Not Enough

Complementarian and Egalitarian: What does it all mean?

You can check out their YouTube channel 

Find them Facebook Twitter and Instagram @EzerRising



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