Theology Corner

  I am convinced that God's move at this time is a collaborative move. God is calling those in ministry to work together and share the burden of what the Kingdom is being called to do.  When I encounter others with the same vision for collaboration I am encouraged and want to partner with … Read more about Theology Corner

Available versus Accessible

You can't do real ministry for long without it changing you. I'm not talking about the career pastor who sets up a building and attracts people just like them who believe like him and want what he wants.  There may be moments of doing real ministry when someone is in crisis, or passes away and … Read more about Available versus Accessible

How Profit Drives Doctrine

When I was much younger I visited a church with my mom and the sermon was so happy and encouraging. We went back a few times and began to realize the sermons were always so happy and encouraging. There was no instruction, no encouragement to do what is right, no mention of sin. My mom talked to the … Read more about How Profit Drives Doctrine

Response to the Nashville Statement’s position on Egalitarian Doctrines

The Nashville Statement is a controversial statement that has been released by, a strongly Patriarchal and very gender driven organization that is devoted to defending a hierarchy between men and women in the church and the home. Prior to this Statement it might have been argued that the … Read more about Response to the Nashville Statement’s position on Egalitarian Doctrines

Profit Driven Doctrine

From the popularity of the Prosperity Gospel to the membership of the President's Evangelical Counsel, from the way that sermon topics are chosen to the way that not so subtle messages about money are communicated to the people sitting in the pews every week, messages about money are  pervasive in … Read more about Profit Driven Doctrine