Salvation, Obedience and Love

    In this study Chloe's House continues discussing context and considers how what we believe about the Bible and others intersects with how we share our faith.  All Chloe's House podcasts are raw recordings in order to share exactly how our study went and with the hope that you … Read more about Salvation, Obedience and Love

Context: The Text

When we talk about the context of Scripture there are several things that need to be considered. One important thing to consider is the text itself. What you know and believe about the text will influence how you engage with it and how you understand what is contained within it. For one thing, … Read more about Context: The Text

CBE – Voices of Color

We are so privileged to share this interview with you.  The interview questions were sent with no idea that they would return such a beautiful community response.  As I read the answers I was moved to tears at the amazing things God is doing!  I hope you will be as encouraged as I am. … Read more about CBE – Voices of Color