Article 10 of the Nashville Statement

This Article becomes easier to address than some of the others because they finally come out and say what they were working towards all along.

If being homosexual is not an issue of immorality then this Articles is utterly irrelevant except as hate speech and making sure everyone knows what they personally think of gay and trans people.

Gay and Trans people can be Christians. Many already are! Many who aren’t have rejected faith because they were told God hated them or was going to send them to hell. That’s hardly a rejection of the true God of Scripture! That is only a rejection of the hateful god of Evangelical Fundamentalism. I reject that god too.

Gay and Trans people can have an amazing witness! Many already do! Many would love to if they believed that God loves them and that makes the ONLY good news to tell them that he does! Because HE DOES!

The Law does state that a man should not present himself in the clothing of a woman, and there is debate over the contextuality of this as well.  First off, if a trans woman is dressing as a woman, or a trans man is dressing as a man, this is not an issue. Second, the commentary from Rashi on the verse (found in Deuteronomy 22:5) indicates that women were not allowed to dress as men because the only reason would be to sneak into the men’s camp, with the assumption being the desire to commit adultery.  In addition he specifically states that “the Torah prevents only the wearing of clothes that would lead to an abomination. [ie immoral or illicit behavior.] (Nasir 59a)”  Applying this instruction to trans people who are living their truth is not appropriate. It is especially inappropriate coming from people who have rejected any adherence to Torah themselves!

As was addressed in a previous response, the Bible makes one command about not being an anal penetrator.  Some understand that to mean no anal sex at all. Some understand that to mean not to be aggresive in your sexuality at the expense of others (as it distinctly had become in Rome by the time of Paul).  The amazing thing about the Bible is that it invites the reader to wrestle with what is in it and with God and to work out daily what a faithful life looks like.

The reality is that eating pork is described in the same language as anal penetration and is also called an abomination to God. I would be surprised if anyone who signed the Nashville Statement wasn’t a regular pork eater. If asked my guess would be they believe Jesus died to do away with the Old Testament rules. This begs the question WHY do they want to keep the one about anal penetration?

I’m familiar with all of the arguments about why gay people are still wrong and eating pork is fine and none of them holds up to sound Biblical study. Certainly a rejection of one and not the other falls far short of the literal reading most who want to condemn gay people hold.

At the end of the day there are two issues:

The first is what Scripture tells me as a reader what to do and not do in my own life. This is where we each must wrestle with God for ourselves.

The second is what Scripture tells me as a reader to do and not do about anyone else’s life. I am told to pray for others, whether for their provision or my witness of their sin or anything that needs to be lifted to the Lord.  I am told to caution them if I know they are planning to engage in a sin that is stated by God. I am told I cannot bring charges alone to the court that does not oversee actions anywhere except within the Land of Israel. According to the rules of that court I am told that in order for there to be a trial there needs to be another witness to what I heard as the plotting and there need to be two separate witnesses to the act being committed. I am told that none of us can be disqualified for our own sin. I am told many things that mean what two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedroom is none of my business.

This Article is unnecessary. This Article is specifically designed to make sure gay and trans people know how disgusting those who sign this Statement think they are. How hateful and NOT from God!

To my gay and trans brothers and sisters I declare this, because it is the message of Scripture:

God loves you! Jesus died for you! You are saved and redeemed! The Holy Spirit will work out change in every area of your life to bring you into holiness and you do not need to fear the Holy Spirit! Some wrestling will be exhausting  and many things will not involve wrestling at all. The Bible is not telling us a story of great people God did good things with. It’s a story of human and flawed individuals whom God redeems and does great things FOR! You are part of this story!