Article 11 of the Nashville Statement

The incredible irony of this Article is that it violates itself by its inclusion in this Statement.

What is our duty to speak the truth in love? Those who wrote this Statement would suggest it is to express, “Because I love you, I’m going to speak this truth whether you want to hear it or not!”  I reject this interpretation.

Rather, the idea of speaking the truth in love suggests that love must be the context for all truth that is spoken if we are doing so righteously.  If our relationship is one of love then I have gained the privilege of speaking truth to you. If you seek my truth, because you love me and trust me, then my truth is welcome and it is spoken in love.  This is a very different meaning.

I know they are using the first definition because they affirm it “including when we speak to or about one another as male or female.”  In the context of love we would not be speaking about one another in such ways.  When I speak to or about someone as male or female it is to them and in the context of my relationship with them and the things they are sharing with me.  There is no need to affirm for all to see that I believe in speaking the truth in love – those to whom I’m speaking will know I love them and will know what I share is my truth and what I believe to be truth.

By stating “we deny any obligation to speak in such ways that dishonor God’s design . . . “ They are casting off the shackles of what they will decry as “political correctness” and what the rest of the world will define as courtesy.  They are declaring to the world that when they speak hate and bigotry it is because they are speaking “truth!”

This is possibly the most hateful article in the entire statement because it outright rejects any room for disagreement, discussion or common courtesy with the Statement.

It is most assuredly not loving or truthful to narrowly interpret God’s design for humanity, declare that your interpretation is the only way in which we are image bearers of God, and then outline Bad News for everyone who does not fit within your narrow definition.  Calling it speaking the truth in love does not make it so.  Words are not magic and we can see this Statement clearly for what it is.