Article 13 of the Nashville Statement


This Article definetly highlights the intense hatred and rejection of science that too many in the Evangelical world hold.

This Article was written to simply say:

Penis means God made you to be male

Vagina means God made you to be female

If only biology was that simple!

Being transgender is not a sin. It is not reflective of a sin. It is about gender and biology not aligning in a way others can see.  However, if your biology is hiding something unseen by the eye – like switched chromosomes, or undescended testes in place or in addition to ovaries – the external biology becomes only one aspect of your personal identity. To suggest this is because of sin is to misunderstand the issue entirely.

This Article’s problem really comes down to a strict binary definition of what is “male” and what is “female.” The reason this Article is such a problem is that there is a belief that God expects females to behave and function in a specific way and to take on a certain role in society and the church and that God expects males to behave and function in a different specific way and take on a certain role in society and the church. The problem is the belief that if you reject those roles you have rejected God’s plan and purpose for your gender. The problem is that not fitting into these stereotypical roles is viewed as sin.

There are many who were part of drafting and signing this statement who believe it is a sin for a woman to hold the title of pastor because they believe God has determined what humans born with vaginas arne’t allowed to teach or preach. They believe that a woman teaching or preaching is rejecting the female role God gave them and engaging in sin to do so.

The problem is that such strict roles for “male” and “female” have created a problem within the church where many young people do not fit the prescribed roles others are attempting to impose on them. Young sensitive boys are pushed to be more manly and adopt what is seen as “Biblical Manhood” (an idea that is as imposed on Scripture as it is imposed on young people). They are told they are gay and acting like a girl and there should be no surprise when they experience gender confusion. There are many examples of men in the Bible being sensitive. David wrote the majority of the Psalms!

Women are criticized and told they are behaving like men if they do not fit whatever cultural stereotype is being imposed on them by the church culture they are part of.  They are told they are trying to be like men if the gifts the Holy Spirit gave them are not conducive to working in the kitchen or the nursery.  They are told they are being like men if they are more like the warrior *women* of Scripture.

God is not a modern day Christian in the United States who functions with a Western mindset. We must not make God over into our own image!

We are told not to judge because we do not know what is in someone’s heart. We cannot see their genetic code, or their brain waves, or their inner being. God can! God knows them. And God tells us to love them and let the Holy Spirit convict and let them work out their salvation daily with God. We must respect the boundaries God put in place. We must know where we end and someone else begins and we must not try to do God’s job.

It is possible to love someone and accept them for who they are today without understanding them. We can consider that they see things differently from us and still be in relationship with them. We can scooch over and make room for them at the Table and not think we have them all figured out.

If there is a sin issue to be dealt with, God is perfectly capable of dealing with it. God certainly didn’t ask us to create a barrier because of some belief that God can’t be in the presence of sin. That is definitely misunderstanding our role and purpose.