View from the Brooklyn Bridge


Today was a day of blessings and being gifted beyond what you imagine.

We started the day attempting to go to Rue la Rue.  It would have been nice.  I did take lots of pictures for some friends who are Golden Girl fans – something I’m so glad I could do as they mentioned this place and I did not expect to go there but it was the place suggested for a coffee meetup.

They did have a soup I could eat, but tables were very hard to come by, so we wandered up the street to a place that had more options for me and we enjoyed a long, wonderful meal and fellowship.  My friend here with me was meeting up with a friend from her childhood and we had a wonderful time.  Such a blessing!

By the time we finished our visit we didn’t think we had time to do much at all so we ran and did a NYC bucket list activity for my friend’s son and then started planning our trip to LaGuardia to collect my daughter who was coming in from Chicago.  One of the things we were sad about was that getting around was taking so long and was so complicated for us since we’re not used to the area and this meant we hadn’t even had time to try and find a sukkah!  Yet another day was going to go by without waving the lulav.

God knew the desire of our hearts and we found ourselves seeking out a restroom and wandering into a Starbucks in Columbus Circle where some young Jewish men were standing with lulav for any Jewish person who might wish to wave it.  We were thrilled!  In the midst of our busy-ness and chaos, in the middle of our feeling out of sorts and off kilter not celebrating in the way we usually do, in the middle of Columbus Circle God met us!  It was a divine appointment!

We were then able to make our way to the airport and find my daughter who I have missed terribly this weekend.  I only have a handful of days to spend with her before she is living here and I am making my way back home.  It was so lovely to spend the evening with her – an evening that turned into an incredibly late night.

One of the things my daughter wanted to do this week happened to be my friend’s husband’s bucket list item — walk across the Brooklyn Bridge.  We had discussed doing it tomorrow but it’s supposed to rain all day and that didn’t sound like fun.  So we went tonight.  I wasn’t going to walk it but there wasn’t really anyplace to wait so we set out — suitcases and all!  By the time we were done we were exhausted, sore, starving, and had such a wonderful time together.  That’s the blessing of friends — no matter what you’re doing together you can choose to have a great time and make memories!

Once we separated from our friends and we were making our way home to our separate places my daughter noticed the young girl sitting across from her was wearing a shirt for the school she will be attending. They started talking and she shared so many tips, and suggestions for teachers to try and get for certain things, as well as tips for dorm living there.  They became facebook friends and she told my daughter to contact her with any questions she had. It was lovely.  After she and her boyfriend got off the subway a young man a few seats over shared that he was also a graduate of the school and shared some more information.  It was so wonderful to have people she could ask questions of and who were so willing to share their wisdom and so encouraging about the experience she is going to have.

By the time we made it back to our room on the subway it was after 1 in the morning (not that late for us Phoenicians) but everywhere we tried to get food was closed or had just shut down the kitchen. We were about to give up and make our hangry way back to the room when we stopped in one last place and they were open and had food my daughter could eat!  And water !

Now we are safely back in the place we are staying. We’ve eaten, we’ve enjoyed some company, we learned that another person staying here is a Christian from Nazareth and we had a wonderful visit with him before he headed out to see some friends.

I feel like this sounds more like a list of all of the things we did today but I hope you can see how God met us in the busy-ness.  I hope you can appreciate how God answered our prayers and provided for us in ways we hoped for but didn’t have expectations.  I am so grateful for the blessed day that we spent with friends, family, and the Lord.  It was a beautiful reminder that nothing is too big, or too small, for the Lord.

My daughter and I walking across the Brooklyn Bridge