I’m down to three days with my daughter before I go home.  I want to stay in my temporary home.  I love it here.

This has me thinking about my life and what criteria I use to evaluate choices.

Sukkot involves waving the Four Species and there are many lessons we can learn from the Four Species (when placed together and waved it is called the lulav).

One of my favorite lessons is something I consider when I’m making choices.  It involves the symbolism in each of the species.  They represent the four types of believer.

Species one is the Palm branch.  The palm tree produces fruit but does not have a fragrance.  This represents the person who does the right thing but does not have joy of life or joy of the Lord.  They are doing the right thing but not for the right reasons.  There is a legalism fueling their righteousness and the fruit is produced out of obligation.

Species two is the Myrtle branch.  The Myrtle produces a beautiful fragrance but no fruit.  These are the people who offer thoughts and prayers for your struggles but no real help.  These are the people who say they are concerned but make no choices and express no effort to help.

Species three is the Willow branch. The Willow has no fruit and no fragrance. They do not do the right thing or seem to care.

Species four is the Citron. It is both fruit and fragrance. It is the right thing for the right reason. It is what those who love the Lord are called to be and those who pursue the Lord reveal to be the desire of our hearts.

When I’m faced with a choice I strive to be the Citron.

What choice will accomplish the most fruit with the greatest fragrance.  While moving here would most assuredly produce both there are some practical things that must be addressed first and to avoid them would be to make a move here not the move of a Citron but the move of a Willow.

That tells me it’s not time.  That tells me it’s time to focus on the things that need to be done where we currently are and we will know when and if it’s time to move here because it will be a Citron move — producing fruit and fragrance in abundance.

At times when I want to make the emotional decision I’m grateful I have this basis for making decisions available to me.  It grounds me and gives me the better questions to ask before I do something on impulse.

At times like this I am also grateful that the Lord promises when we seek wisdom and submit all of our plans to the Lord we will be directed whether to put our foot to the left or the right and our paths will be made straight.  What a wonderful assurance during times of transition.

Be the Citron!