by way of introduction to this blog let me share his About Me description.  I think it speaks volumes!

Numinous. Contextualization. Pseudepigrapha. These are just a few of the sumptuous words that I can spell.
But what else would you expect from someone whose favorite movie is “Star Trek”? It could also be explained by my love of writing, or the fact that I did my MA in Intercultural Studies at Asbury Seminary. 
Don’t ask my wife about it though; she’ll most likely roll her eyes and go ask me to help her with one of our three (soon to be four) kids. 
When I’m not being a dad or husband, my passion and training helps me curate and lead environments where people can engage God together, something I’ve been doing for years in many different places, including Omaha, Kansas City, Bangalore, Melbourne, and Rochester. I’m a curator of gathered worship, and I love it.
Sometimes I daydream about scuba diving, skiing, pizza, or caramel frappuccinos. But not usually together. I’m a mac, an INTJ, a 5, a Swiss-American, and an amateur photographer.
And I’m glad you’re here. Welcome.


Please take some time to read around his blog. Here’s a sampling to get you started!

The Transient Home