Happy New Year!

As I’ve been ringing in the New Year I was able to be in a wonderful discussion of whether Galatians 3:28 applies to salvation or the Christian life and what that looks like either way. I’ve found that most teachers and advocates of various doctrine will say they view salvation as the “beginning … Read more about Happy New Year!

Mary’s #MeToo

This isn’t a post about the times I’ve been harassed, molested, assaulted or raped.  I could write far too many of those posts, but that isn’t my goal. This isn’t a post about what I think should happen to the men who have victimized women - though I have very strong opinions about that as … Read more about Mary’s #MeToo

Was Pharoah’s Heart Hardened?

This is a guest post by one of the women who attends Chloe’s House after our services this last weekend.  When I got home from our study I was so encouraged and I considered writing something up to share what we had learned but Tonya summed it up so beautifully that I asked if I could share her … Read more about Was Pharoah’s Heart Hardened?

How Profit Drives Doctrine

When I was much younger I visited a church with my mom and the sermon was so happy and encouraging. We went back a few times and began to realize the sermons were always so happy and encouraging. There was no instruction, no encouragement to do what is right, no mention of sin. My mom talked to the … Read more about How Profit Drives Doctrine

Profit Driven Doctrine

From the popularity of the Prosperity Gospel to the membership of the President's Evangelical Counsel, from the way that sermon topics are chosen to the way that not so subtle messages about money are communicated to the people sitting in the pews every week, messages about money are  pervasive in … Read more about Profit Driven Doctrine

Context: Behind the Text

When we talk about the context of Scripture there are several things that need to be considered. One is what is behind the text. This is where the question of cultural context is found.  Many people argue that considering cultural context is nothing more than an effort to dismiss what the Bible … Read more about Context: Behind the Text

Studying the Bible

This is a series we are starting that introduces and teaches how to use study tools to deepen your study of Scripture.  In this study we talk about online study tools and Bible websites as well as the difference between a concordance and a lexicon. We also talk about the value and limitations of … Read more about Studying the Bible

Context: In Front of the Text

When we talk about the context of Scripture there are several things that need to be considered.  I want to start with what is in front of the text.  This means you. Take a few minutes to really think about who you are. Where did you grow up? What part of the world? What country?  If you grew … Read more about Context: In Front of the Text

Salvation, Obedience and Love

    In this study Chloe's House continues discussing context and considers how what we believe about the Bible and others intersects with how we share our faith.  All Chloe's House podcasts are raw recordings in order to share exactly how our study went and with the hope that you … Read more about Salvation, Obedience and Love

Context: The Text

When we talk about the context of Scripture there are several things that need to be considered. One important thing to consider is the text itself. What you know and believe about the text will influence how you engage with it and how you understand what is contained within it. For one thing, … Read more about Context: The Text